Forgotten to buy travel insurance!

Travel insurance should be top of your list when going on holiday or leaving your home country. Travel insurance is cheap and can be purchased online; it can save you an absolute fortune if you do face issues while abroad. However, despite the potential dangers involved in failing to take out insurance, so many travellers leave it to the last minute or even worse fail to take it out altogether because they cannot see the benefits straight away.

If you have an accident or medical issue while abroad and receive medical treatment, the costs can quickly shoot through the roof. Even for something which seems straight forward, the costs can soon escalate into thousands of dollars. Shocking stories regularly show in the papers about young graduates who set off on an adventure of a life time, have an mishap and end up forcing their parents to remortgage the family home in order to pay the medical fees. With all this popping up in the press there are still people who don’t take out, or forget to take out travel insurance for their travels.

Travel insurance should be the next priority once a trip is booked!!

What can I do?

If you have forgotten to buy travel insurance you still do have an option, all is not lost! Many standard travel insurance plans will require you to take out the plan before you leave, which is now not available if you have already left. The answer is to look at the Patriot Travel range of plans we offer here at, as these can be taken before you leave or even once you have reached your destination. The only point is that it will not cover you in your home country. This is a saviour for all of you that have arrived without travel medical insurance. You can jump straight online and purchase a plan to be effective the following day with documentation emailed to you almost instantly. With cover options from $50,000 through to $2,000,000, there is a coverage level for all requirements. To view the Patriot Travel Medical plan benefits and to receive a free quote click here.


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