Patriot Adventure Travel Medical Insurance

(30 days to 6 months)

Patriot Adventure is specially designed cover for adventurous international travellers participating in activities normally excluded by travel policies. With Patriot Adventure, you can enjoy adrenalin sports like hang gliding and mountaineering knowing specialised insurance is in place to cover for the unexpected.

The plan gives under age 50 cover of $50,000 for the following activities:

● Abseiling/Rappelling    ● Canyoning           ● Surfing

● Cave Tubing             ● Hang Gliding        ● Heli-skiing

● High Diving             ● Horseback Riding    ● Kayaking

● Mountain Biking         ● Paragliding         ● Parascending

● Skydiving               ● Snowmobiling        

● Trekking                ● Wildlife Safaris    

● Snow Skiing/Boarding    ● Caving/Spelunking

● White Water Rafting (to Class V)

● Mountaineering & Rock Climbing (under 4500m ASL)


Plan Highlights are as follows:

  • Short term cover (30 days to 6 months)
  • Ability to extend cover in 15 day increments
  • Cover for individuals and families
  • Age limit of 50
  • Deductible set at $250 and a maximum cover limit of $50,000
  • Specialised benefits include adventure activities normally excluded
  • In-patient and out-patient coverage
  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation coverage
  • Lost baggage coverage

With the Patriot Adventure Travel Medical plan you can also purchase trip cover to provide additional benefits for trip cancellation and travel and baggage delay. For more details on additional cover, please refer to the benefits section in the plan menu or the plan brochure.

We have included in the plan menu, the rate table for the Patriot Adventure Travel Medical Plan, but we suggest obtaining a quote by using the free quote link on the right side menu.

Please use the links provided for the benefits, exclusions, premium rates, and brochure for more details.


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