Why buy travel insurance?

From emergency health expenses, including air evacuation, to losses or damages of luggage during travel, you are not protected unless you have a quality travel insurance plan.

When you’re on holiday, or preparing for a holiday, the last thing you may want to think about is how your best-laid plans could go wrong. But, a new study shows that while travelling you may not be as protected as you think you are.

A recent study done by ABTA, the UK’s leading travel association, shows that travellers are increasingly opting out of travel insurance. As much as 48 per cent of travellers between the ages of 15 and 24 years old regularly travel without travel insurance. These numbers are increasing, too.

According to an article in the International Travel Insurance Journal, many travellers wrongly believe that their domestic insurance, including national health care or the European Health Insurance Card, will cover emergency expenses abroad—including airlift evacuation. Sixteen per cent of those surveyed by ABTA even thought their government would assist with the costs.

With a quality travel insurance plan, you should be guaranteed protection if:

  • your flight is cancelled or interrupted;

  • you lose your baggage or any valuables during travel;

  • you become ill, are injured, or become disabled; or

  • you die and need to cover foreign funeral expenses and repatriation of remains.


Not all plans are fully inclusive. If you plan on participating in adventure activities or you have a pre-existing condition, enhanced travel insurance may be necessary.


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